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Nagle Companies Pays Its Drivers More Than Its Competitors

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Nagle Companies Pays Drivers A Salary, Not Per Mile

James White, Director Of Operations described this is how drivers are paid at Nagle: “About 4 years ago, we switched from a rate per mile to a salary. Then recently we reevaluated and we decided a couple of weeks ago to raise that up to a starting salary of $1400 per week with a path to rapid advancement to $1700 per week. And what that does is give the driver a certain sense of comfort since he’s out there for a week at time and he’s living in that truck. That’s what I call home on wheels. So to make sure that the driver’s family is taken care of so they don’t have to guess, it gives that driver that sense of security that ‘I know I’m making this certain amount every week’. So you can establish a budget, the significant other can take care of bills or whatever financial situation needs taking care of. And the driver will receive his base salary for the week of orientation going forward.”

Nagle Companies Pays A Salary Because They Hire Professionals

Ed Nagle, President and CEO added, “Well first of all we recognize drivers make many sacrifices being on the road which is due to the nature of our business. So we settled 4 or 5 years ago that we needed to go to a salary for our drivers. This is how we pay our drives. Here are our thoughts. We hire professionals. Most professionals earn a salary. In the trucking industry based on mileage a driver can see a 20 to 30 percent swing in their salary every week unless they are on dedicated routes. And that’s ridiculous. So when a driver comes here they have a salary and they know every week what their check is going to be, regardless of the amount of miles. Additionally we have a great human resource department. So anytime drivers have questions about benefits, it’s very easy for us to work with them. The people here, all the employees, they understand the driver. Anytime they are having a difficulty or a challenge, or they have questions we want them to ask them because we welcome questions. We’d much rather they come to us with questions as opposed to making bad decisions if they don’t know. We encourage them to do so. We don’t let them hang out there, we provide a lot of support, and we try to keep in contact with them. Again drivers are family to us and we truly care about them as individuals and as family members.”

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