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Nagle Companies Director of Maintenance On Nagle Companies Program For Entry Level Technicians

Updated: May 15, 2022

Darrell Tarry, Director of Maintenance for Nagle Companies, a trucking company

headquartered in Walbridge, Ohio, is on the lookout for young people searching for

a satisfying career in a great work environment. Mr. Tarry said, “Well what I’d like

to do right now is start an entry level program with some young people right out of

high school, male or female. If you have a mechanical aptitude, if you have a desire

to work on heavy equipment, if you just want to see what it’s all about I encourage

you to come in and talk to my associate Holly Cerato or myself and we’ll discuss

what we’re looking for. This is a great field to be in, it’s got flexible hours, it’s a team

atmosphere and you really leave out of here at the end of the day knowing

something new.”

Mr. Tarry says that experience at the entry level position is not necessary, however

this career will be appealing to someone who not only has an interest in how

mechanics work but also a person needs to have drive to do their best everyday. He

stated, “Well of course mechanical aptitude is the foremost thing, but just the drive

to accomplishment. You know everything that comes in here is normally broken

and when it leaves here you have a self-accomplishment that you repaired it. You

repaired it safely, you repaired it accurately and when the driver goes out on the

road, they’re driving amongst their family and they are as safe as they can possibly


Nagle provides the education and it’s the real thing of working on trucks from day

one. No standard classroom setting at Nagle. Mr. Tarry explained, “It’s hands on,

especially at the entry level position. You work with someone who’s been around

for a long time and they are going to show you the way to do things and you’re not

instructed to go ahead and start working on things if you have not been trained. So

we really bring them from the ground level up.”

The mechanics at Nagle see this all-important work as a professional career. Not

only that, but the work environment at Nagle is family oriented and people tend to

stay and build their careers there. “I’ve got two guys who have been here thirty plus

years”, Mr. Tarry reported. “Out of an eight man team right now I have three or four

that are in their tenth year or longer. I’ve got a couple of guys who have been here

just a year.”

While entry-level mechanics learn at Nagle, they are paid too. Mr. Tarry describes

the pay scale this way: “We pay on a tiered level. We start our entry levels at

anywhere between eighteen and nineteen dollars an hour. After ninety days they

are offered our benefit package that can go as high up as thirty dollars an hour. I

just hired a young man and he came straight out of a career center and said that he

had never thought he would be making this type of money this fast coming out of

high school and he was very pleased with what we have shown him and where

we’re taking him. So our program works.”

And when you learn at Nagle, you learn from people with the highest standards in

the industry. Mr. Tarry praised his team by saying, “I couldn’t be prouder of the

group of guys because every year we pride ourselves on the fact that when the

Department Of Transportation does their inspections, we don’t get pulled around

back for mechanical issues.”

The future is bright for young people seeking a career as a mechanic at Nagle

Companies and the rewards are great. Mr. Tarry said, “In the trucking industry, the

parts never get lighter, the job never gets easier. It’s the younger guys that have to

come in and realize the older guys are not going to be able to hold that starter up at

eighty-seven pounds. So our philosophy is if you have a mechanical aptitude and

you want to grow with a company and you want to work flexible hours in a family

environment, a team environment, we’re the team for you.”

To apply, click on the button below.

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