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Nagle Companies Safety Director Talks Driver Safety Standards, Practices, And Incentives

Nagle Companies Safety Director Lee Pargeon knows a thing or two about truck

safety. As an Ohio State Trooper for twenty-one years, he spend seventeen years

assigned to the Findlay post in charge of Ohio Department of Transportation

Safety Inspections. Pargeon said, “In seventeen years I never stopped a Nagle


Pargeon recalls why he wanted to retire from the Ohio State Trooper service and

come to work at Nagle Companies. “I came to Nagle for a few hours using the Nagle

cross dock off loading another company’s vehicle looking for contraband and I ran

into the owner Ed Nagle and I guess we really hit it off as we have the same values. I

told myself that this is a good company and this would be a good place to work.”

As the Nagle Companies Safety Director, Pargeon is focused on driver safety. He

defined his responsibilities this way: “I oversee hours of service compliance for all

the drivers, I keep track of vehicle registrations, all the permits and all the things

that go with that all the registrations. We have cameras on the drivers and we have

coaches that review the video footage and review any violations. I keep track of

those reports as well. So I am responsible for basic compliance. The maintenance

department is focusing on the vehicles. I ‘m concentrating on the drivers, their

qualifications, making sure they are safely driving. We also keep track of the

physicals and of course we need to do the random drug testing so I maintain all

those records too.

Pargeon reports that driving for Nagle means drivers are working with excellent

equipment. “We have up to date equipment, we’re not running junk trucks. We have

a good maintenance department; the drivers’ issues are going to get fixed. If there is

an issue, you tell the maintenance department and it’s going to be addressed. There

is going to be a result to the mechanical issue.”

The working environment at Nagle Companies is very strong in Pargeon’s opinion.

He said, “It’s a family organization so if you like a family type organization, a family

atmosphere, that’s what Nagle is. We want a team, I want to emphasize team, a

family at Nagle and engage drivers who want to come to work. I always take this

philosophy you know when dealing with people that I want to treat people like I

would want to be treated if I were in their position whichever role you’re in, so it’s

kind of like the golden rule. That is why I wanted to get here at Nagle, we’re family

oriented and we have safe equipment. We are going to keep track of you, but as long

as you’re doing the right thing, there should not be an issue as long as you are doing

what you are supposed to be doing.”

Pargeon feels that drivers are play a vital role in Nagle Companies Safety Program.

He said, “I would say we are partners, because I am behind this desk on the safety

end of it, but it is up to the driver. The driver is the only one in control of the

vehicle. So I can’t make the driver fly straight but we want to emphasize that it is a

partnership, it is a team partnership in which the end goal is safety, we want to be as

safe as we can be out there.”

Nagle Companies has even implemented an incentive program to reward drivers

with an excellent safety performance. He described it this way: “We’ve

implemented a new safety program, where we provide monthly and quarterly

rewards starting small and builds up. It is paid annually and pay it in December so

we can award it in time for the Christmas holiday as long as you’re employed at

Nagle. We want to incentivize safety and that’s what we’re doing with this program

which is here at Nagle.”

“Make good decisions out there, think about that it’s not just you out there, your

interacting with other people just keep in mind that you’re a professional and lastly

make wise decisions. If there’s something in your off duty time just make sure

you’re not doing something that jeopardizes what you’re doing for your livelihood

your CDL that would affect you down the road just think twice before you do

something that is questionable and make smart decisions.”

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