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Nagle Companies maintains a monitored and alarmed temperature controlled warehouse of 60-65 degrees year round. This means we can provide you with warehousing and distribution solutions for your supply chain when you have fluctuations in your business, whenever you need it. Whether you need additional warehouse space, freight rework, restocking, palletizing, salvage, or storage space between shipments, we can provide a solution. Our warehouse is a viable alternative for companies who need distribution services and short term storage, but don't want to invest in additional costly land, buildings, and equipment.


Warehouse/Cross Dock

We maintain a temperature controlled warehouse of 60-65  degrees year round. With stringent legal enforcement on axle weights, many carriers, after scaling their loads, have brought them to our facility to readjust the product so that it meets axle weight limits and bridge law requirements. There is a CAT scale approximately 3 miles from our terminal so they can verify everything falls under regulatory compliance.

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