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How Nagle Companies Maintenance Department Takes Care Of You And Your Truck

Updated: May 15, 2022

For over twenty years Darrell Tarry, Director Of Maintenance at Nagle Companies, a

Walbridge, Ohio trucking company, has kept a deep commitment to servicing all of

the Nagle equipment to meet the highest industry standards so drivers can have the

confidence that their vehicle is safe and ready to meet the demands of the road.

Drivers are encouraged to talk directly with the Nagle maintenance team from day

one. Mr. Tarry said, “Well some of the things I like to point out is how I make sure I

introduce my team to them because I have always wanted a driver to understand

that we always have his back and you are not going to be out there broke down and

nobody is going to answer the phone. You are going to be able to come in here, you

are going to be able to discuss with the technician what you are hearing, what you

are feeling and what the truck is doing. When you leave out of here, we want to

make sure that you realize that this is a group of guys that really care about you and

that you are going down the road safely.”

Mr. Tarry pointed out that the Nagle mechanic team knows all of the equipment

very well. He said, “Each one of these guys knows our fleet amazingly well. We are

a paperless shop so they can go back and see what repairs have been done, if there

is a complaint and if there is consistency to the complaint. There are side notes that

they write on their Predictable Maintenance sheets the guys can look at. It is a very

family atmosphere here with the technicians and the drivers and we promote

interaction between them.”

Keeping ahead of any potential mechanical problems is one of the operating

principals at Nagle. “Our preventative maintenance program is extensive”, Mr.

Tarry said. “We have a 100-point inspection program every 25,000 and every

50,000 miles on the truck we do a major oil change. Every 25,000 miles we are

doing a complete inspection right down to the DOT 396 Forms. And we encourage

the drivers to stop by the shop on their way in and report any small things they may

have noticed, so we see the vehicles quite often.”

Drivers generally stay with the same truck so they can become very familiar with

their assigned vehicle. Mr. Tarry observed, “We only have a few of our local trucks

that are slip seated, which means that there could be multiple drivers, but when you

are a driver here, you are assigned a very clean, a very neat, complete ready to go

piece of equipment. We do not move you around unless it is an absolute emergency

and the repair would take too long and you still need to make your living.”

And if there is a breakdown while a driver is on the road, Mr. Tarry handles the

problem himself. He said, “I handle all of the breakdowns for Nagle, twenty-four

hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days out of the year. I used to give it to a

mechanic on the weekends and at night but as it turned out I was much faster at

making decisions on what we are going to do. I use some networks out there and I

have built relationships with both smaller service shops and some of the bigger

ones. We have great relationships with them. We stay in our lane so it is kind of

easy for people to help you.”

Mr. Tarry feels that working at Nagle, a family owned company, has real benefits. He

said, “I have always worked for family owned businesses, never been much

interested in corporate America. And the four brothers at the time I started really

had a deep passion for what their grandfather and father and mother had left

behind. It was very intriguing and it has worked out well. It has been a very

interesting road learning the refrigerated market, but when you grow with a group

of guys your own age it makes it a lot easier when you’re working that way.”

The feedback from drivers through the years has given Mr. Tarry the confidence that

the Nagle system works very well. He reported, “I have had more people tell us they

appreciate the team here in maintenance and more than where they have been in

the past because when they are here they walk in and they are listened to and they

are allowed to interact with the actual technician that is going to work on the truck.

We do really like them to give us our space once we start, but we do a good job here.

I pride myself on the fact that these guys make sure we are safe out on the roads.”

If you are a driver looking for a new job, contact Joanie Rozek at or just call her at 419-327-0142 and talk to her about

all the benefits of working at Nagle Companies.

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