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Why Nagle Companies Is The Best Company For Truck Drivers

Nagle Companies Support For Drivers Is Second To None

There are many differences in the experience a driver has driving for one of the big carries and driving for Nagle. James White, Director Of Operations, when asked about the differences said, “Here are some of the differences between driving for Nagle or one of the big carriers: There are the strong interactions with the driver manager, the dispatcher, operations and frankly everyone in the company. Everyone in the company gets to know the driver; you know the driver’s good points, bad points, strong points, and weak points. And we work hand in hand with those drivers. A prime example is how the maintenance department supports a driver whether it’s 8 o’clock in the morning or 3 o’clock in the morning. The maintenance director is directly involved with their driver. If a driver has an issue with his reefer or his tractor, he is to pick up the phone and call his director of maintenance. The director of maintenance will give him hands on instructions on how to fix the problem. If he cannot rectify that problem, he will let him know where he needs to go to get that support or have that support come to him. It’s the same thing with safety. Here are more differences. If a driver is involved in an accident or an incident, they call the safety director directly regardless of the time of day. Our philosophy is you call me no matter what even if you wake me up because I’m going back to bed once I’ve taken care of your problems. So a driver can call the head person in that department, they call them direct and that person will make sure that they will take care of that issue for that driver. So that driver is not really out there alone tying to figure out “I just had an incident. Do I just fill out an incident report? “ No, you call the safety director and he will give you step-by-step instructions on what needs to happen from that point on. And in any situation where a driver has an incident on the road, he will call maintenance, he might have to call safety or he might have to call operations. As an example the driver is involved in an accident, the truck is where he can’t operate it, so he has to notify safety because he had an incident and he has to notify maintenance because we have to recover the truck. Also, he has to notify operations so we can notify the customer to reschedule the shipment. We now have everybody that the driver normally deals with is in the loop and everyone understands the situation.

Nagle Companies Maintenance Ensures That Drivers Are Never Stranded When Breakdowns Happen

Ed Nagle, President and CEO of Nagle added, “We have thankfully a preventative maintenance program that is second to none in the country and we run all newer equipment so far as breakdowns we really don’t have them. However, on rare instances when we do, we have a shop and staff that takes those calls 24 hours and we have partnerships with services throughout our service area where they will come and take care of that driver.”

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