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What Kind Of Truck Driver Succeeds At Nagle Companies?

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

When asking what kind of truck driver succeeds at Nagle Companies, a driver does not need to look any further than a few of the key managers and associates at Nagle Companies. They have been at Nagle Companies a long time and have a clear understanding of what kind of person succeeds at Nagle Companies.

Nagle Companies Recruiter On The Character Traits Of Successful Nagle Companies Drivers

Joanie Rozek is a Recruiter Associate and joined the Nagle Team in 2006 for one year and then returned in 2017 as a driver. In August 2019, Joanie was assigned as a member of as the Driver Recruiter Associate Team. Her job duties include contacting driver leads and performing an initial prescreening to determine if the candidate is a fit for Nagle. Joanie served her country in the U.S. Army for 6 years and is a Disabled Veteran. She brings 25 years of Class A tractor trailer experience, including a vast knowledge of what driver concerns and issues drivers face on the road.

Here’s what Joanie said when asked what kind of truck driver succeeds at Nagle Companies: “You have to be able to be a professional. Nagle Companies hires professionals. Professionals get paid salaries in almost every industry. That’s why Mr. Nagle decided to go this route. He’s like the people I want are the people who have been doing this, they can route themselves to get to where they need to go, they can read a map, I mean you need basic skills to be successful. You have to get to places on time. If you can’t get to places on time, honestly you’re not going to be successful in this industry at all much less here. We have perishable items that we’re moving and you to be able to get there before those items expire. I explain to them what we do, how we do it and I get a feel for the driver and if the person is legit and they want a good job, one they can stay at and retire from, this is the place they want to come. If it’s some fly by night guy that jumps from job to job to job that’s not who we’re looking for anyway”

Nagle Companies Safety Director On How Safe Driving Makes A Driver Successful At Nagle Companies

Nagle Companies Safety Director Lonnie Hoepf added his thoughts: “I believe very much in the SMITH SYSTEM of driving and all that really is about leaving yourself space so you can make decisions. And at the end of the day if a driver follows that system, they’re going to be a lot less stressed out, because they are not on somebody’s rear end, you they got plenty of space and plenty of time. We do not dispatch them over the speed limit, so like I say it is one of those situations where you do things legally and you do things efficiently, there really should not be that much stress. And to me, the less stress a driver has, the better off he is going to be and the more he’s going to want to keep working for you versus always having someone telling you gotta do this, you gotta do that, you gotta be here, you gotta be there, it does not matter about your hours. Now I do not know if there are too many trucking companies that still do that anymore, but like I tell them the quickest way to get in trouble is to try to do something you should not be doing.”

Lonnie ought to know what kind of truck drivers will succeed at Nagle Companies. Lonnie joined Nagle in 1999 and as the Safety Director has been very active in promoting safety in the trucking industry through membership in several professional organizations and safety committees Professional Experience: Truck driver for 13 years, before getting into management. Majority of his experience was in tankers, including cryogenic materials. He began his career in management in 1990 with Flint Ink Corp., where he earned his Private Fleet Manager’s Certification through the NPTC. He is also a member of Safety Council for both the Ohio Trucking Association and the Toledo Trucking Association, as well as a Smith System Trainer. If you would like to know more about how those organizations can improve your safety record and techniques as a driver, their sites can be found at the links below. The Smith System Trainer is especially recommended by Nagle Companies for drivers looking to improve their safety record and skills.

  • Ohio Trucking Association

  • Toledo Trucking Association

  • Smith System Trainer

Nagle Companies Fleet Manager On How Honesty Makes A Driver Successful At Nagle Companies

Frank Thomas, Driver and Fleet Manager also offered his opinions on what kind of truck driver succeeds at Nagle Companies. Frank joined Nagle June 2015 and his main duties include communication and coordination of company assets (drivers, tractors and trailers), data entry, scheduling, tracking loads. He also collaborates daily with the Planner and Broker Manager. For over seven years, Frank was as an Owner-Operator and Over The Road (OTR) driver. He also has over 20 years as Terminal and Operations Manager in the transportation industry. Frank has held various positions during his tenure with other transportation companies and his most recent role was the Load Planner and Dispatch Manager where he managed customer accounts responsible for creating profit for the business unit.

Frank stated, “First off somebody that is honest and wants to be honest about what it is he wants to do. I have done this for a long time and people fit in certain buckets and it does not take me long to figure what bucket you fit in. And if you are not honest with yourself or me this may not be a good fit for you. And we do a review period here and we bring you in the office at 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and we make sure that not only are we but you are a good fit for us. And if there are things we need to change as a company, we can work on that and so can the driver.”

Nagle Companies Director Of Fleet Maintenance On Nagle Companies Family Environment

And Darrell Tarry, Director Of Maintenance, has seen a lot of situations in his career as he brings his invaluable knowledge and experience from his previous maintenance and operations background to Nagle Companies. Darrell has been in the commercial truck repair business since 1980 when he started his maintenance career in a small repair shop in Sylvania, Ohio that gave him the opportunity to learn the maintenance side of the business. In 1985 he started working for a Great Dane trailer dealership where he worked for 17 years as a mechanic, parts and service manager, sales representative and Vice President of Operations.

Darrell said, “You know we have many different walks of life here. You to have the understanding of a family owned organization and a deep love of the industry.”

If you are the right kind of driver who can succeed at Nagle Companies, this will be the last best company you will ever work for! Learn more about driving for Nagle Companies and apply today via the links below!

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