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Here's The Reasons You Should Drive For Nagle

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Nagle Companies Support Their Truck Drivers

James White, Director of Operations wants to make sure that drivers understand that Nagle supports their drivers like few other companies do. White said, “Here are just a few of the reasons to drive for Nagle. For example, I tell a driver coming to work for Nagle that Nagle is the company to work for, but every company has their issues. The difference with Nagle is we identify a problem, and we try to fix those issues. And it is not an easy job because you are away from your family a week at a time. If a driver understands that going forward, we can work with a driver. We understand that there are going to be situations where you have an emergency or there are going to be situations where you’re going to have an appointment. We do work with drivers and all we ask that the driver is to make sure to communicate with us to give us enough time to get you back to that appointment. We structure the performance-based salary where for example the driver has an 9 o’clock appointment in the morning and after that appointment that driver is still able to be dispatched then the salary stays intact.”

Nagle Companies Equipment Is Top Quality

White went on to say, “Here are other reasons to drive for Nagle I say to our drivers. First is the age of our equipment is from 2016 to 2021. We operate Freightliners which, in my opinion, are top of the line equipment. With any equipment, you will have issues and we quickly address those issues. We have personnel that can support any piece of equipment we have out there so if a driver has trouble with his tractor anywhere, we don’t bring him all the way back to Walbridge OH to repair it. We’ll get him repaired right where he is through our network services that we utilize. All of our tractors are equipped with APUs, so our drivers don’t have to set their truck in idle for long periods of time. Second, on top of the base salary, we offer drivers a fuel bonus. We have drivers who get bonuses averaging from $20 to $300 just based on how the driver performs operating that piece of equipment. We have all this technology in the truck but it is really just an app that you can download off of Google Play or Apple Store. So if you know how to download an app, you can use our electronic log in device. A lot of drivers make it more complicated but if my 4-year-old son can download an app, I’m pretty sure a 55-year-old can do the same thing easily.”

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