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7 Questions To Ask When Looking For A Truck Driving Job

Moving into a new career as a truck driver can be confusing if you’re not asking the right questions. Truck driving careers vary from company to company so before you hop into a cab, you should know certain details about the company you’re working with. Below are 7 questions you should ask all truck driving companies when you’re looking for a new truck driving career.

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Truck Driving Job

1 – What is the pay rate?

This is always the first thing people ask when deciding whether or not you want to work for a company. Most trucking companies pay truck drivers per mile, which can grow over time. Pay may not include assisting with loading or unloading of the freight or making additional pickups and deliveries. Ask questions about the entire pay plan, not just the mileage rate.

2 – What benefits do they offer employees?

Most companies offer health benefits on top of their pay rate. Some may even offer a 401k. Find out if they extend the benefits to families. If they offer a 401k, ask if they match contributions. Know the upside to each company. Sometimes the pay may be good, but the benefits are poor, leaving you with less money.

3 – Do they have local, regional or dedicated runs?

This is important to know in case you’re looking for more at-home time. In addition to over the road truck driving jobs, some companies may offer more regional or local jobs. There are even some routes that are to a dedicated customer. Knowing what your run is means you’ll have a more consistent route with predictable hours.

4 – What is their home-time policy?

This question another important one to bring up to companies. Being a long-haul driver means that you are on the road a lot. Most companies have a defined home time policy. This gives you a general expectation about how many days a driver is expected to stay out on the road. Know when you’ll be able to head home or even take time off.

5 – Do they pay breakdown, layover or detention pay?

Many companies pay truck drivers for idle time that is associated with delays. Ask about specific details when it comes to pay for delays when discussing the overall pay plan.

6 – What is the company’s stance on safety?

Trucking companies and professional truck drivers have a responsibility to keep the roads safe. Research how the company is doing and if they have any safety issues. Find out if they have any safety training classes that you can take. Safety is the most important part about being a driver.

7 – What do other drivers recommend?

Truck drivers talk to each other frequently and will easily express their feelings about other companies. When you see a truck driver, as them about their current or past employers. Find out what they know about the companies you’re looking at. You can also do this online through message boards and reviews.

Finding the right company for you can make your career in truck driving noteworthy. You want a company that you can see yourself being at for the long haul. Nagle is one company you can count on. We provide great runs and great benefits, everything you need for a great truck driving career.

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